Polar bear and cub

King penguin portrait

Rockhopper penguin with chicks

Slamming salmon

Polar bears sparrngi at fist light


Brown bear in the whirlpool

Red fox heading into wind

King penguin at twilight

Arctic fox portrait

King Penguins

Bison in blizzard

Harp seal pup

Atlantic Puffin Portrait

Polar bears sparring

Black bear scent marking

Not so common loon

Bald eagle in wildflowers

Charging bear

Brown bears sparring

Fox trot

Bald eagles


Brown bear searching for salmon

Bald Eagle in flight

Spirit bear

Polar bear, Hudson Bay

Coastal brown bears fighting

Snowy owl at sunrise

Black wolf

Snow leopard

Arctic fox

Polar Portrait

Gentoo Penguin Rookery at sunset

Malachite kingfisher

Common loon portrait

Bison head-on in snow

Gentoo in surf

Bison Portrait in snow


Polar bear stepping out

Elk in snowscape

Arctic hare in snow

Mountain Lion at sunrise

Snow monkeys, Japan

Bosque morning

A well fed brown bear

Snowy owl with wild cottontail

Down the hatch

Humpback whale lunge feeding

Cheetah at sunrise

Baby Baboon

Bald Eagle screaming

Arctic fox

Polar bears playing on ice

Six wolves a howling

First light at the rookery

King penguins with reflections

Red fox mousing

Bison in snowstorm

Young male lion portrait

Coyote pouncing

Bobcat stretching

Bighorn Sheep, YNP

Snow monkey in hot spring





Polar play 2

Polar bear sunset

Polar play

Brown bears fighting over salmon

Brown bears fighting, AK

brown bear diving stretch

Common Loon

Gentoo penguin in surf, Falklands


Common loon eating mud puppy

brown bear portrait

brown bear charging salmon

Black bears web

Black bear boar

loon at sunset